Tips for future 100% renewable cities

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Do you want your city to become 100% renewable ? The European Green Capital Network (EGCN) published a toolkit helping cities to transition to renewable energies.

The European Green Capital Network (EGCN) – an initiative of the European Commission rewarding cities for their efforts to be more environmental-friendly – released an interesting toolkit which goal is to encourage European cities in the development of renewable energies.

As we all know, urban areas can be very polluting and energy demanding. Cities represent more than 70% of carbon emission from final energy use.

However, cities are also key actors of tomorrow’s challenges since they have great potential in transitioning to 100% renewables and thus tackling energy emissions.

In this toolkit, the EGCN showcases inspiring transformation stories of winners and finalists of the European Green Capital Award but also key actions that can be implemented by cities to help them move faster.

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