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StoRES, an initiative by Interegg Mediterranean, has developed a tool that helps consumers calculate the optimal size for photovoltaïcs coupled with a storage system.

Launched in 2017, StoRES is an initiative by Interegg Mediterranean composed of 18 organisations, including universities and private companies.  The main objective of StoRES has been to increase the penetration of renewables energy in islands and rural municipalities, starting in a few Mediterranean selected countries (Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain). Since then, StoRES has been experimenting with photovolta├»c (PV) installations coupled with an energy storage system (ESS). In turn, the initiative aimed to increase solar panels' reliability as the main energy source, helping consumers rely more on solar energy and less on fossil fuels. In turn, StoRES has been exploiting its know-how in PV systems and ESS to develop a tool that can help consumers in their decision to invest in a PV system and an ESS.

The PV and storage optimisation tool calculate the optimal size of a PV coupled with ESS to determine the investment's net present value in the selected countries. Users will need to insert electrical consumption, solar irradiation, PV and battery size and electricity cost. The output gives a financial analysis for 20 years, which considers different variables such as technical and financial parameters and energy policies. The StoRES optimization tool is meant for both private consumers and professionals.

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