Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems Policy Brief 2022

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ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems is a Joint Programming Platform (JPP) of 30 national and regional funding partners financing transnational RDD projects and co-creating energy system innovation with additional stakeholders for implementing the European smart energy system vision. Since 2014, the network has been growing up to 30 funding partners from 25 countries.

The Joint Programming Platform (JPP) Smart Energy Systems (SES) initiative unites scientific experts in smart energy systems within its Knowledge Community. On the basis of their profound experience and expertise, these researchers develop an informed opinion of key aspects which – according to their perspective – should be considered by decision makers on different levels.

The presented rolling document is the condensed version of the Policy Briefs developed within the thematic Working Groups of the JPP SES initiative – resulting from work up until Spring 2022.

Particularly policy makers, managers of funding programmes and projects, regulators as well as representatives from business and science are invited to the platform expera for reviewing the respective Working Group Versions of the Policy Briefs. Please login or register to expera for access to the complete versions of the Policy Briefs.

Energy Management
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