Scalable Cities Action Grants

The objective of the Scalable Cities Action Grants is to promote the continuity, knowledge-transfer and replication of innovative approaches and solutions from Smart Cities and Communities (SCC01) projects. It provides financial support to cities and ad-hoc partnerships that wish to replicate measures that were successfully implemented through SCC projects to facilitate the transition towards climate neutrality.

The Action Grants are organised through four calls for proposals with four deadlines, covering different topics.

The first and present call seeks to improve and optimise cities’ internal governance structures and/or support cities in developing innovative financing concepts and mechanisms to engage private investors.

This call targets cities and related partners (local energy agencies, construction agencies, civil society organisations, research institutes) from completed Horizon 2020 SCC01 Lighthouse projects and/or external cities interested in replicating specific actions from those Scalable Cities projects.

*Deadline extended until 31st August at 23.00 CEST*