Financing schemes to encourage energy efficiency in private buildings

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This module covers buildings and facilities owned, managed or controlled by private individuals. This refers to the tertiary sector (services), such as the private companies, banks, commercial, and retail activities, hospitals, etc. and residential buildings, including social housing.

The module on private buildings covers buildings and facilities owned, managed, or controlled by private individuals or corporations. This refers primarily to the tertiary sector (services), such as private companies, banks, commercial, retail activities, and residential buildings, including social housing. Actions under private buildings can include renewable energy for heating; energy efficiency in heating; indoor lighting; and new construction or refurbishment. 

The PROSPECT+ team developed Learning Handbooks about the implementation of innovative financing schemes in 6 thematic modules: Public Buildings, Private Buildings, Transport, Public Lighting, Cross Sectoral and Citizen Finance.

Energy Efficiency/Saving
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EU Financing Initiative