ManagEnergy team keeps working with you from home!

Following the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic all over Europe, the Belgian Governement implemented exceptionnal measures, forcing us to adapt to new constraints in both our professional and personal lives. Those obligations, in ensuring the protection of both our colleagues, families and the society as a whole, leads us to show some creativity in order to be able to keep working with you.
The ManagEnergy team is now working from home, respecting the “Social Distanciation” recommandations, until at least April 5th, 2020. Due to those circumstances, we’ve had to cancel or reschedule several meetings and conferences. We are making sure that those events will still be happening. Most of them will indeed take place online or over the phone. Despite the exceptionnal circumstances we are now facing, the whole teams keeps working along your side towards the Energy Transition and a Climate Neutral Energy Sector.
In case you need to reach us, make sure to do so by email or through social media. Offices being closed until further notice, phone calls may not be answered.
Please receive our best wishes for you and your loved ones in those difficult times.
Keep safe and stay home.
The ManagEnergy team.