Get ready for the 1rst EUCF call!

The first Call for applications of the European City Facility (EUCF) will open soon on the 25th May 2020. Applications will be possible until the 2nd October 2020.

What is EUCF?

EUCF is an initiative set up under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union: tailor-made, rapid and simplified financial support (in the form of EUR 60,000 lump sums) and related services will be provided to some 200 local authorities and municipalities to enable them to develop relevant investment concepts. The resulting investment concepts will represent an initial step towards a fully-fledged business and financial plan. The objective is to facilitate the subsequent mobilisation of (local) investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Who can apply?

The EUCF call for applications is open to all the municipalities, local authorities or groupings of local authorities / municipalities , from the European Union member States (EU-27) and from the United Kingdom.

In order to apply, you shall have:

How can you apply?

The application process foresees 2 steps:

  • An eligibility check (automatic check with YES/NO answers) where you are asked to confirm that you respect the criteria;
  • Submission of full application. The application form, available on the Facility website, consists of a set of simple questions where you shall explain the envisaged project, including: size of investment and impact (energy savings, energy generation, CO2 reduction, etc.), stakeholder engagement, alignment with EUCF objectives and EU targets, etc.

Both steps are done online, through the Facility Management Platform (EUCF FMP).

What documents do you need to apply?

The following documents shall be submitted in order to get your proposal evaluated:

  • Full application form;
  • Sustainable energy action plan, such as SEAP, SECAP or plan of similar ambition. Plans addressed to EU 2020 targets are accepted.
  • Letter of support from your mayor or other politically elected representative;
  • Self – declaration for commitment to the implementation and monitoring period.

What does EUCF finance?

EUCF finances the development of an investment concept. Each beneficiary will receive a 60.000 Eur grant, in the form of a lump sum, to pay for technical, legal or financial expertise. The lump sum can also be used for energy audits, feasibility studies, market analysis, etc.

What support does EUCF offer?

The Facility is going to provide specific support:

  • During the application phase:
    • in each country there will be a webinar (or physical info-session once coronavirus is over) just before each call, in national language, where municipalities will be guided through the application process,
    • online helpdesk will be made available for everyone,
    • FAQs and Guidelines will be available for applicants.
  • During the implementation of the investment concept (after the grant has been received):
    • A Helpdesk will be available to support beneficiaries
    • “supporting” events, i.e. matchmaking events with possible investors, peer to peer events, etc., will be organised
    • Case studies and good practices for successful investment concepts will be exchanged

Furthermore, each country has an assigned person (or an organization) who acts as National Helpdesk, so an expert in sustainable energy and finance who can guide the municipalities during the whole process.


Visit the Facility website for more information.