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Lessons learnt from the Covenant of Mayors Community

Many of the Signatories to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy have used Technical Assistance (TA) facilities to develop projects in the framework of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP). In this booklet, you will find lessons learnt by cities and regions all across Europe which benefited from, or are currently using one of the TAs with the aim to help future beneficiaries in the application process. This booklet focuses mainly on the H2020 Project Development Assistance (PDA), previously funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme as MLEI (Mobilizing Local Energy Investments) instrument. The PDA helps to build capacity to deliver investment projects, it also brings energy efficiency and renewable energy up on the radar of politicians. Moreover, it enhances cross-collaboration across departments in one public authority and it builds trust and coordination between different governance levels, e.g. regions and municipalities. The European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) is described in the second section. Finally the third section elaborates further on the European Energy Efficiency Fund Technical Assistance Facility (eeef TAF).

This publication is part of a series of 4 leaflets to guide local authorities through the wide variety of financing and funding opportunities for your energy and climate actions.

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